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"Obedience is not a sign of intelligence." - R.B.Lindsay

-  Over 35 years as a successful Civil and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Reno, Nevada
-  Proud member of NORML, defending marijuana cases and beyond

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With a proven track record as both a Civil and Criminal Defense Lawyer since 1974, Robert Bruce Lindsay chooses to specialize in Criminal Defense cases. This means you get the attention and expertise of someone who is focused and dedicated to the criminal defense process, and will obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

R. Bruce Lindsay has tried death penalty murder cases in Reno, which are the most serious charges a defendant can face. He has successfully garnered "not guilty" verdicts for clients being tried on cases for which the State sought not only a First Degree conviction, but the death sentence.

Many of Bruce's clients have been found not guilty on all charges and sent home, from Death Penalty Murder cases to all kinds of drug charges, including Trafficking, Transportation or Sale and Possession of Illegal Drugs; from Assault and Battery charges to Domestic Violence; from Check and Bank fraud charges to Larceny, Burglary, and other theft allegations; from Sexual Assault charges to Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs.

To hire R. Bruce Lindsay is to hire local experience; local expertise; local success.

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This office will provide you with the best defense available, having tried every kind of criminal case over the past 35 years, and having juries return not guilty verdicts on numerous charges, including the two longest drug cases in the history Nevada; one of them being among the longest mega trials in the history of the United States of America.

Having tried cases for clients with numerous marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine charges from Possession, to Possession for Sale, to Trafficking and Use over the past 35 years, Bruce has "walked" many of his clients on ALL of the charges, ALL of the alleged misconduct.

When you hire this office you can be confident that you have local counsel who knows the law inside and out and has successfully tried cases against the Washoe County District Attorney again and again.

Robert Bruce Lindsay brings Experience, Results and Determination to ensure you are fully protected.

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